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Your Best Choice for 24/7 Emergency Automotive USA Locksmith Service in Southern California
USA Auto Locksmith is southern California’s premiere auto locksmith specialist. Locally owned, our fleet of mobile auto locksmith vans are no more than 30 minutes away from any location in Los Angeles county, Orange county and the Inland Empire. We know how frustrating and sometimes scary being locked out of your vehicle can be. Our licensed and fully insured auto locksmith technicians are equipped with the latest equipment and technology and can have you back in your vehicle minutes after they arrive.
For fast, affordable emergency auto locksmith service give us a call right now at 1800-385-7725.
(We accept all major credit cards and cash)
If It Starts With a Key We Can Service It
We are the USA Auto Locksmith specialists and our definition of “auto” includes sedans, trucks, RVs, Semi tractors, commercial vehicles, Motorcycles and Boats. If it starts with a key we can service it. Almost every automotive key manufactured in the past 10 years has been a high security/multi-function unit. Gone are the days of running down to the hardware store to have a duplicate key for the family car made from a metal blank.
Now a days “keys” are “smart” and require sophisticated tools and programs to replicate or reprogram. Each of our locksmith vans is equipped with the latest in automotive locksmith technology. Our highly trained technicians are masters of their craft capable of replicating virtually all types of automotive keys including transponder keys (chip), VAT keys, laser keys and key fobs.
Emergency and Other Automotive Locksmith Services
Our reputation is for fast, affordable emergency service but we offer much more:
Lockouts. If you accidently locked your keys inside the vehicle (or in the trunk) our 24/7 locksmith van can be at your location within 30 minutes. We won’t damage your vehicle to gain entry. We only use manufacturer approved methods to open your car or truck.
Broken Keys. It happens. Keys snap off in the ignition and they are almost impossible to retrieve without a special tool and even then it’s a challenge. We’ll attempt to remove the key and make a new one for you. If we can’t extract the key we will replace your Ignition and give you a new key.
Duplicate Keys. Whether you have an older key that can be duplicated with a metal blank or a smart key that requires coding we can do it. And more importantly, we do it at your location. No hassle service is our trademark.
Rekeying. If you have lost your keys it’s a good idea to rekey your ignition. We can do that. Never assume those lost keys are gone forever and are not in the hands of someone who has an eye on your vehicle.
Vehicle Makes We Serve. Here is a quick rundown of vehicles we work on: Volvo, BMW, Lexus, Toyota, Honda, Nissan, Ford, All GM Brands, Infinity, Chrysler, Acura, Harley Davidson, Yamaha, Kawasaki, Suzuki, Mack, International, Kenworth, Peterbuilt, Volvo, Freight Liner.
If you live in Southern California and need any type of automotive locksmith services you need to call the specialists at USA Auto Locksmith at 1800-385-7725. We’ll be at your location within 30 minutes equipped with everything we need to solve your problem quickly and affordably.


For fast, affordable emergency auto locksmith service give us a call right now at 1800-385-7725. (We accept all major credit cards and cash)
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